February Loves - Anne

Say hello to Anne.

Free spirited, fun-loving girl checking one items off her bucket-list at a time. Anne works full time in healthcare marketing while finishing her masters in marketing. Outside of work you can find Anne with her friends and family, who fill her bucket. 

Anne's Style Code
The best way to describe my style is comfortable. If it’s not comfortable i am not wearing it. I am always in search for that happy medium between professional/stylish/comfortable. I tend to (unintentionally) push the envelope when it comes to style or dress code. Like, what is that one piece I can incorporate that will give my outfit unconventional feeling or look. This is usually frowned upon in my corporate scene and I like that!

"If it is not fun, I am not doing it" I am 25, young and free... no need for limits or excuses.


Black Leather Leggings
I find an excuse to wear these at least once a week. Comfortable, easy to dress up or down. 


Vintage Floral Scarf
Vintage floral scarf that doubles as a head-wrap. Which will it be today? Scarf or head-wrap? 




Black Clark Heels 
Jeans? Fancy Dress? Black Pants? Work? Parties? Church? These heels go everywhere with me and my feet love the 3 inch heel at the end of the day. Win-win.


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