Guy's Guide to Valentine's Day

It’s the one day of the year…that you don’t want to hear about for the rest of the year - so let’s do it right. So fellas...keep it simple and more importantly meaningful. You shouldn’t need a commercial holiday to remind you about the loved ones in your life. 

As an experienced gal that has never been too hip on Valentine’s Day, I have seen many attempts to “wow” and impress a date/spouse/significant other with a high priced meal, or overpriced bottle of wine. While I’m sure there are some ladies out there that are really into that type of Valentine’s Day, I can assure you that it is commonly not the case.

On the other hand, don’t do those cheap teddy bears, boxes of exceptionally waxy chocolates and tacky balloons. That's not what your date/spouse/significant other is looking for on February 14th…(if so, run! - jk…but maybe?) Don’t bank on bringing flowers you bought five minutes before arriving either, and think you nailed it. In my opinion - it’s not (at any level of any relationship) ok to do ANY of these things. In fact, this is my national “what not to do” public service announcement.

That being said, here’s my Guys Guide to Valentine’s Day…keep it simple (and meaningful)

1. Pick her out an outfit and accessory

…aka call her best friend and she will guide you to the right dress, blouse or bracelet…yay for picture messages. Helpful hint check her closet before shopping especially shirt/dress size.


2. Plan the date

Be creative and put some effort into it…anyone can make a reservation. :) 


3.  Write a note & make it a surprise

…place the outfit in her dressing room (please for the love, give her enough time to get ready for whatever you plan) with a handwritten note of the big plans and a enjoy your evening.



For the ladies reading this any input or suggestions for the fellas? We'd love to hear your two cents on what you love to do (or not do) for Valentine's Day! :)


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