February Loves - Erica

Say hello to Erica.

Erica's Style Code
I like to be comfortable, I usually just throw on some skinny jeans and a flannel! It's all about comfort and layering!

I'm a graphic designer so I sit a lot, all day every day because it's my passion not my career. After work I come home and either work on my website or logos. On the weekends I'm chasing after a 6 year old!

I am a bit quirky, I have a fun bullring piercing and gauged ears but I can definitely be a very girly girl! I love playing with my make up and trying new styles and then throwing on my combat boots and a sweatshirt! Like I said I'm all about comfort and shockingly my Sam & Libby booties were extremely comfortable after a brew night.


Sam & Libby Grey Heeled Booties
I love boots and booties! My new current love is this wonderful pair of Sam & Libby Grey Heeled Booties.


Eyeshadow Primer Potion by Urban Decay
The best make up product ever.


Denim Chambray

So versatile and comfortable! So happy this still is back. I usually mix it with a graphic tee.


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