Wait!...Mother's Day is This Weekend!?

Mother’s Day is literally right around the corner… no seriously, as in it’s this weekend people!… and if you’re like us, you fall into one of two camps (likely both):

1. You have yet to purchase anything
2. You have no idea what to purchase

Right? Are we on the same track so far? It’s ok, it is…don’t fret! Buying gifts is hard, and worse off, buying gifts is especially hard when you really want to show someone they matter…but here’s a little hint that most everyone fails to do, don’t overthink it. Simple right? How does that saying go, “it’s the thought that matters?”… well, that’s kinda sorta true, I mean if you buy her a box of Good and Plenty candy and she’s not a fan of black licorice then you might be in trouble… but!… tangent aside, it really is all about the thought. Don’t overthink it!


What does she like?

Then buy her flowers! Might as well get the floral inspired top too:

Then buy her sweets! Maybe grab some arm candy while you’re at it:

Then buy her jewelry! Pssst, we’ve got a couple crazy afforable options:

Then take her on a trip! She probably needs a new ‘on the go’ purse…oh! and a tote for all those other gifts you’ll treat her to:

(Well of course… everyone likes fun, right!?) Then treat her to some fun! Heck, grab a new t-shirt, tank, or dress that just screams Summer fun:

We live by a credo here at Your Style Code that goes a little something like this, “you’re only as old as you feel”, and on Mother’s Day, this couldn’t be any more true. We don’t have new moms or experienced moms or young moms or old moms… we simply have moms.

Have we swayed you yet?

What are the two best words in ALL of online shopping?...that's right, "Promo Code". If you decide we've got just the thing for a mother in your life, use the promo code: mothersday ...and get 15% off your order.

Whether we can help you find something in our collection or we simply just encourage you to get off your butt and get to shopping, we just want to remind you… trust us… don’t overthink it…but hurry, before it’s too late (seriously though… again, Mother’s Day is this weekend)!


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