Your Style Code was a byproduct of a twenty something front-end web developer always having a pen in her purse…and an idea brewing in her head. As an avid online shopper herself (the UPS driver can attest) with a background of writing code/design she wanted to create something better...something different. With an overwhelming amount of support (and a short 2.5 months later) she was able to introduce to you, Your Style Code. 

Do You Have Any Store Locations?
Yes, on the internet! Your Style Code is an online-only clothing store, which means you can shop with us 24/7 from the comforts of your home. Let's be real, brick-and-mortar stores don't seem to appreciate their customers shopping braless, in sweatpants, while drinking a glass of wine...but we do! :) 

At the end of the day, always dress for life's adventures - life favors the bold.

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